Online System for Making Counseling Appointments
Counseling Services Division, Office of Student Affairs
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1. To better access into the system and make the process smooth, Internet Explorer is suggested as your browser.
2. If you are a Chinese speaker, you are welcome to visit our Chinese webpage for more choices to make appointments.
3. If all sessions are booked and you do need to find someone to talk, we encourage you to visit our office to seek further assistance. The office hours are from 0900 AM to 2100 PM from Monday to Friday.
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* If you are a foreigner in Taiwan, please enter 「0」in 「Personal ID」
** Please type in R.O.C. Official Year in Birthday. Your R.O.C. Official Birth Year is: Your birth year-1911= R.O.C Official birth year. For example, If you were born in April 1st, 1981, you have to enter 700401 in the column

Note: The system cannot allow making appointments of the same day, if need be, please contact the following number.
EXT:6140 or 6312
For English services, please contact: EXT:6312

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